30 Jul

The Purpose of Fasting

Firstly we must note that one of the names of Allah is al-Hakim (the Most Wise). The word Hakim is derived from the same root as hukm (ruling) and hikmah (wisdom). Allah alone is the One Who issues rulings, and His rulings are the most wise and perfect.

Secondly: Allah does not prescribe any ruling but there is great wisdom behind it, which we may understand, or our minds may not be guided to understand it. We may know some of it but a great deal is hidden from us.

Thirdly: Allah has mentioned the reason and wisdom behind His enjoining of fasting upon us, as He says (interpretation of the meaning):


O you who believe! Observing As-Sawm (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious)

[Noble Quran 2:183]

Ibn Umar narrated that Muhammad (saw) said in the last days of shaban, ”O people! What comes near to you is the month of ramadhan the month of Allah (swt), this month in the eyes of Allah (swt) is the best month, its days are the best days and its nights are the best nights. This month you have been invited to be a guest of Allah (swt) and you are going to be in this month among the people of karamah (people of Dignity). Your breathing in these days will be tasbih (remembrance of Allah) and your sleeping in this month is an act of Ibadah(worship), your deeds and dua in this month will be accepted, ask Allah (swt) with good intention, ask Allah (swt) to make you fast this month and to recite the Qur’an. Remember when you are hungry and thirsty the hunger and thirst of the day of judgment. Donate to the poor and needy people, and be kind to your young and respectful to the older people. Watch your tongues and do not look at anything prohibited or listen to anything prohibited, be kind to the orphans and Allah (swt) will help your orphans in the future, ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness from your sins and raise your hands to Him in your salah. O people! Your nafs is hostage to your actions so release it by istighfar (saying astughferAllah) and your back is heavy with sin so release it with long sujud (prostration). Allah (swt) has sworn by His dignity that those who used to fulfill their fasts will never fear from the hell-fire on the day when they rise for their Lord. I have said this and may Allah (swt) forgive me and forgive you.”

Imam Ahmad : I looked in the Qur’an and in 33 places Allah he ordered to obey the messenger. And the nabi himself said “take all of your ritual actions from me”.

Therefore we need to know the nahuj(acts they did to get closer to Allah) of the salaf al saliheen(pious predecessors) understood Ramadhan.

Muhammad (saw) said “if the month of Ramadhan arrive, the gates of jannah will be open and the gates of the hellfire will be closed and the shayateen will be chained”. Therefore if the enemy is chained then we must take advantage.

Muhammad (Saw) is reported to have said “ This month contains a day is better than a 1000 months, 84 years of ibadah: that is laylutul Qadr.” [Muslim]

Muhammad ( saw) said “when Ramadhan is finished the mujahideen are prepared and the shayateen are released, so in this month you are prepared for the greater struggle.”[Dawud]

Allah (SWT) said: you are the best nation raised from amongst mankind, why? Because you fast and have taqwa..

Ibn Majah, Ahmad, Bayhaqi upon the authority of Abu Hurayrah (ra), “How many people fast and achieve nothing but thirst and hunger.”

“ oh you who believe fasting has been prescribed for you, like those before you, so that you may manufacture the taqwa: 2:183[ Al-Qur’an] Abdullah Ibn Abaas (ra) said “whenever we heard : ya ahu hal lathani, we knew this was an order coming: [ elaboration on the meaning of taqwa]

In another narration Muhammad (saw) said, “There is one organ in the body if it becomes good the whole body will become good and if it becomes bad then the whole body will become bad, that organ is the heart.” Imam At-taybi said regarding the heart that, “The tongue is the khalifah (translator) of the heart.”

Muhammad (saw) said, “Some people will be oppressors in the wudu and dua.” The one who will be oppressive in his dua will be the one who will say, “May Allah (swt) give me the right side of jannah” And the one who will be oppressive in his wudu will be the man who will do extra in the wudu (that is not necessary).

[Note: Ghusl is recommended for every night of ramadhan]

This is the month, my dear brothers and sisters, even if you fast the whole of your life you will never be able to claim back one day of ramadhan. It is a special reward for that time; consequently, we therefore need to prepare more than just chicken and rice!

Abu Hurayrah (ra) narrated that Muhammad (saw) said, “If the month of ramadhan arrives, the gates of paradise will be opened and the gates of hell-fire will be closed and the shaytan will be chained.” [buckari, muslim]

When we say that the shaytan are chained, you are claiming back your iraadah,(choice) you are manufacturing the taqwa, Allah (swt) says in [2:183], “O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed upon you as it was prescribed before you so that you may attain taqwa.”

Muhammad (saw) said, “The taqwa is here (and he pointed to his heart).”

Abdullah Ibn Masoud once said to bilal (ra), “Did you attain taqwa in ramadhan?” And he replied, “Indeed and I got much more as well.” So the sahabah used to check with each other. So you want to make sure your taqwa has increased after ramadhan not decreased! Muhammad (saw) said, “When ramadhan is finished the mujahideen are prepared and the shaytan are unchained.” So for the mujahideen it is preparation. [Abu Dawood]

What does this mean? Muhammad (saw) said, “The mujahid will fight on the battlefield with his good deeds.” The mujahid will therefore go to the battlefield with his da’wah, salah, commanding good and forbidding evil etc.[ Ibn Majah]

Muhammad (saw) said, “This month contains one day better than 1000 months whoever misses it will miss everything.”

Ahmad, Muslim, Daarimi, Muhammad (saw) said, “The first third of ramadhan is mercy (rahma), the second third of ramadhan is forgiveness and the last third is saving from the hell fire.” All of the goodness my dear Muslims is in the ramadhan, that is why the predecessors used to make dua to reach the ramadhan.

Muhammad (saw) said: “Every son of Adam (he) makes mistakes but the best of man (he) repents”.

May Allah increase us in understanding (Amin). Let our Wasiliyah be:

“ to get closer to Allah, increased reward, laylatul Qadr” this Ramadhan…….

Allahu ‘Alim




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